From humble beginnings as a solo moniker, to a now more audacious and conscious project, Blaire takes shoegaze to fretful new grounds. Declaring a pretence of punk-washed ambience, Blaire, a three-piece, is a visceral and aural new experience hailing from the Gold Coast.

While ‘Youth’ flirted with the idiosyncrasies of their now crowned punk-gaze moniker, ‘Smiling’ reaffirms their stance on the maligned genre. Swatted and sweltering in deepened guitar tones, Blaire’s shoegaze dichotomy remains complacent amongst the budding pop sensibilities.


‘Smiling’ isn’t so much a reformation from what we hard earlier in the year, so much as distillation in both sound and texture. There’s no refrain, either—it’s relentless but manages pathos anyway and a sense of unrest. It takes the best parts of shoegaze and punk and makes them even more abundant and central. The track is also an extension of self-reflection.

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