Chris Lamaro

After attempting to be a world class drummer in a nu metal band in the early 00’s, Chris decided to give dance music a go. DJ'ing around the place under different names he got into production and signed with a Polish record label. After failing at that, Chris joined forces with his GD FRND Brett Sellwood to come up with an idea to create a club night at their local - instead, they ended up producing some late night bangers. During all of this, Chris was a radio presenter and met his other GD FRND Jake Wilton and together they thought they could do publicity better than anyone out there. The rest is history…

Brett Sellwood

Once a child actor and making fame as, “Karl” in 'H20: Just Add Water', lead singer in a band, DJ in a nightclub and producer “extraordinaire,” Brett spent many years in the Gold Coast late night entertainment scene performing in many different clubs. Brett started a production outfit and toured the nation. Along his travels he went in to do a radio interview with his old mate Chris Lamaro and from there they always spoke of doing production together. It was years later that this would actually eventuate. Brett always wanted to start his own label and with help from his GD FRNDS Chris and Jake that dream became a reality.