Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia exhilarating three piece Donnarumma maintain a lofty rock attitude with angelic vocals, roaring bass and rumbling drums. Inspired by contemporaries Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, the trio plays an anthemic brand of rock and roll that inspires and brings even grown men to tears.

Led by the captivating vocalist and front man Louis Donnarumma, the band are a driving musical force, blurring the edges between genre constraints and elevating their sound with explosive and commanding harmonic force. Fuelled by adolescent fury, the trio express themes of unrequited love, longing and desire whilst displaying vulnerability and authenticity in their music. The impressive musicianship and charismatic stage presence from Louis, bassist Anthony Costanzo and drummer Max Tulysewski deliver a salvo of raw emotive energy that is drawing in audiences from far and wide.

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