From his computer chair to the live stage, Slowcoaching, the solo moniker for Dean Valentino, has expanded his dream-pop vision to something far more audacious and vivid. Taking euphoria head on, Slowcoaching creates a focussed aura of hazy nostalgia through his musical stylings.

The power of 'Pillars of Salt' comes from the way Slowcoaching communications urgency through such patient music. Cataloguing his own self-assessment and the mundane, the track explores Valentino's own world having been engulfed by nature documentaries.

With support performances with Harts, Philadelphia Grand Jury and Fountaineer under his belt, Slowcoaching, now with 'Pillars of Salt', his most resolute single to date, is making increasingly bigger and more intelligent steps toward his debut album coming later this year. 'Pillars of Salt' is a wide net to capture a memory–Slowcoaching's approximation of the bigger world, helped by Valentino's soaring vocals, reneges a feeling of escapism and dream-pop serenity.

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